Sunday, 23 November 2014

Puffed up with Pride and Slanderous Over Wee Little Nuts ....


Yep .... The Radical Catholic Reactionaries are at it again, ruining the Latin Mass as usual and kicking out and insulting the impure ones ....

Hello Everyone,

It has come to my attention that a certain aficionado, who should know better in their position as a leader in the Latin Mass, and as a member of a popular Catholic charitable organization I am also a member of, has decided once again to be passive-aggressive and insult the good work of myself and others who hold the Latin Mass in the Archdiocese of Toronto.

While I won`t give a name here, this person, and their allies, should know who they are, though anyone else reading can feel free to investigate this for their own. Personally, this time, I will not stand for it. Should that person want to make themselves known, go ahead.

First, thanks to this individual for ``educating`` those who care about the Latin Mass (ummmm .... the majority of everyday Catholics do not go to the EF and go to the Novus Ordo ....) and get involved in it anywhere in this Archdiocese. However this self-made liturgist`s ``lesson`` is not merely educational, but a slanderous, smack in the face to myself and those who organize, serve the Holy Mass in the Latin Rite in this Archdiocese. Where has he attacked myself and my allies who serve the TLM?

1) The blogger has stated that the rubrics for the EF are narrower, and that it is a solemn duty to stick to them. What is implied here is the first slanderous attack. Because we did not stick to the rubrics to a "T", the priest, the servers, and the choir, are assumed to have caused what would be equivalent to a mockery of Christ and perhaps, going to far as to imply (not literally write) us of causing a mortal sin in the statement. I find it quite odd that when there are Christian brethen getting slaughtered by a religion the blogger considers of Satan, that he would equate the addition of one more server outside of the rubrics to be equivalent to a spiritual crime. There are bigger "demons" attacking the Church to slay here, and no I do not mean the Muslims.

Was Christ still validly and licitly present in that Mass, and consecrated into the Body and Blood of Christ? YES! Was a sacrilege against Christ committed in having the 3rd server? NO! Does anyone else care but the picked-faced people that Pope Francis refers to? Not at all. There are clearly greater moral and vicious matters at hand in our Catholic world to get "righteously" angry about vs. something as petty as this. Thanks for reinforcing the stereotype of the "Angry trad" who cares only for specific things and showing the world what Latin Mass people are about. Converts to the Latin Mass after the posting on a Latin Mass society's blog maintained by the blogger ... (drum roll please) ... 0! 

2) The very fact that this wonderful post had to appear on the Latin Mass organization`s blog, shows again a lack of servant leadership and direction, rather instead it is one of the cruelty and harshness of the Pharisees` of Jesus time. In other words, the lack of practice of the example and mission of our Lord, Jesus Christ. By smearing such disgust with what we do, you are airing ``dirty laundry`` publicly on the web and embarrassing your organization.

For those of you who are part of the society, are you not ashamed at the "leadership" of your executive and its presidency? Are you not embarrassed at how the stereotypes of people who are Traditional Catholics/Latin Mass goers keeps being repeated here? Will you stand by idly and say nothing while those who represent your spiritual interests throw it away on actions NOT of Christ's doing? Perhaps before the end of this year, you should seriously pray and ponder over the questions I have asked. Is there something you can do to make things more charitable and profitable for the sake of the Latin Mass in general, and in the Archdiocese of Toronto?

Regardless, this is uncouth behaviour, not fitting of Catholic gentlemen or ladies, of any age, especially those who attend and assist in the Extraordinary Form of the Latin Rite. A Catholic of good moral fiber and practicing virtue, would have restrained from such practice by applying the virtues of Prudence and Temperance. Might I also add that this does NOT look good on that Latin Mass society, and will only serve as negative public relations? What priest or parish in their right mind wants to hire a Latin Mass choir who loves to insult their own kind on a daily basis?

This was clearly NOT an issue of grave morality or offense to Holy Mother Church, nor an attack of Satanic nature to wound Christ, nor something that would cause the loss of faith in those who are part of the Church Militant. If it was absolutely necessary to discuss this issue, it could have be taken up privately, with those who organize the Latin Masses in our Archdiocese including the priests involved (and perhaps even our wonderful ++Collins too, who`s quite enjoyable to socialize with,) perhaps over a round of beers and cigars and fine food. And lest such leaders refuse to consult with you do to past offenses, how hard would it be to just leave it alone, and simply continue with one`s own way? We are just small bit players in the Grand Divine scheme of things, with me just being a mere 31 year old altar server with a blog that gets few hits and readers. Why worry?

When one smears dirty laundry like this publically, all someone has done is give more fuel to the fire for those elements of the Church, even those who are pro-Latin Mass, to have (misguided or purposely abusive) credence, to banish the Latin Mass under the Franciscan pontificate. Archdiocese offices do get word about such our activities online, you know, even direct emails from the lay faithful. And (arch)bishops and Cardinals DO read them.  

3) To throw these rubics in the face of us, is not only insulting to us, but also is slanderous against the Holy alter christi, who celebrate the EF Masses. You are directly insulting the EF priests!!!

A good friend of mine in our circles, informed me that in the past when the FSSP had sent Fr. Venette to the archdiocese of Toronto to do the FSSP mission, he DID use more than two servers for what was a sung Mass in the EF. They were NOT always at the level of the traditional "Missa Cantata." The chastising individual WAS around at the time of that priest's tenure here and even attended Fr. Venette's Masses. If this is a violation of the rubrics, why then, did they NOT (to my knowledge) approach Fr. Venette and "educate" him on the rubrics of the EF, something an FSSP priest should have been thoroughly educated and trained in? Was it maybe because that individual was not in a position of self-important power, and wasn't at the level he is now in terms of involvement in the Latin Mass? Could it be that the person's allies view us as competition and a threat? hmmmm ....

Furthermore, when the Latin Masses, particularly at special feast days are held at St. Lawrence the Martyr without requested assistance (that is, they do not ask any of the lay choirs for help, including serving help directly) they have done a quasi-sung Mass, or a Low Mass with sung chant, with more than two servers. We did this only with a cantor for Christmas Day Mass in 2012. Please see here as a reminder of my report. Perhaps this legalistic individual would be so inclined as to "politely" address Fr. Steven Szakaczki, (ho has assisted with ALL Latin Mass groups in our archdiocese) or even, pay him a personal visit to "educate" him that to have more than two servers for a Low Mass with sung music is a violation of his solemn duty to administer Mass as a Priest of Jesus Christ. This is what the individual is implying without realizing.

4) This shaming post includes additional information dated December 1, 2013, yet the posting cannot be found on the blogger`s society website, nor the blogger`s personal blog, in archives. This shows they took down the post at some point. This is not the first occasion of covering one`s detracting and/or slanderous evidence on both blogs.

Considering that in the Novus Ordo (that other wonderful form which isn't your cup of tea), the Feast of Christ the King was celebrated, and in Year A it's Matthew 25, the parable about the sheep and the goats, wouldn't it be more fitting as a role model of our faith, to balance your faith with works (cf. James 2), and tend to Christ's brothers and sisters, including fellow Latin Mass Catholics, instead of wasting your breath on tongue-in-cheek insults?

And finally, if the blogger has no authority, nor their society as it were, to be the authority on the Latin Mass, then, what right do you even have to post something like that in the first place when your intention was to slander and detract those who do not serve your self-standards of the Latin Mass or what is ``proper?" Have you ever heard the expression, perhaps that one's mother would teach them, "If you can't say anything nice, it is better not to say anything at all." If you have no authority on liturgical or faith matters, unlike the Magisterium of the Church, how can we regard anything you say as "authoritative" to begin with? Why should one listen then to what is said?

To the readers, at this point, I ask you,  do you think that, publically on the web or in person, it is appropriate to speak to an individual or group of individuals in such a manner, particularly priests, about such minutia in the scope of things? Hopefully you see my point.

.... or have revolted at the sharp, nasty point of his. 

I think that the best way to end this is with the Words of the Holy Father himself, from earlier this month on November the 10th. In his daily fervorino, he talks about scandal in the faith, along with commitment to the Catholic faith and obligation to go to Mass. The final paragraph of the summary on Radio Vaticana, is quite telling about the spiritually sick situation that has been unleashed on the web this past evening, the 23rd of November, 2014. Perhaps, this individual, should listen to our Holy Father, particularly in this direct English translation of his Homily`s end:

"Without faith you cannot live without scandal and always forgiving. Only the light of faith, the faith that we have received: the faith of a merciful Father, a Son who gave His life for us, a Spirit that is within us and helps us grow, faith in the Church, faith in the people of God, baptized and holy. And this is a gift, faith is a gift. No one with books, going to conferences, can have faith. Faith is a gift of God that comes to you and this why the Apostles asked Jesus, 'Increase our faith!' ".

All readers, please pray for these people, who take on the false mantle of Pharicism in their ``leadership```, that they may realize that their behaviour wounds their brother and sister in Christ, and will only serve to aid the Devil in his bloodthirsty quest to dissolve the Church on Earth, via the loss of individuals to mortal sins and obstinacy in sin. They drive away not the money lenders from the temple but the observant and faithful.

May God grant us even more, an increase in our Faith, and that we might, particularly with this upcoming liturgical season of Advent, EF (and OF), forgive our brethren for what they do in their quest for the practice of the One True Faith, and as Christ desired, hope that someday, we may all be united as one.

Pax Tibi Christ, Julian.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Upcoming Latin Mass! Immaculate Conception Monday December 8, 2014 7PM St. Frances of Assisi Toronto. ALTAR SERVERS INQUIRE WITHIN!

[Updated Nov 23/14]

Hello Everyone.

Great News! To finish off their 2014 season, the St. Patrick's Gregorian Choir whom I altar serve with, will be celebrating another Solemn Latin Mass on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Here are the details as of current:

Monday, December 8, 2014 - Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

St. Patrick's Gregorian Choir 

These details have also been added to my Archdiocese of Toronto Fall Latin Mass Listings for 2014 page as well. There is also an advertisement for this Mass already in place in the Catholic Calendar section of the Toronto Catholic Register. 

In addition, the St. Patrick's Gregorian Choir is always happy to accept new joiners for serving the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the Extraordinary Form. All skill levels are welcome, whether you are new to serving, or have experience serving Novus Ordo or both forms, or other rites in the Catholic Church (e.g Byzantine, Anglican Ordinate, Coptic ...). Do not worry as training will be provided by the master of ceremonies for the SPGC Masses. 

If you are sincerely interested, please message me at my blog internet address at and I will provide you more information such as the contact for serving with the Choir, a bit about it, and when our upcoming practice for the Mass is. 

Please mark this down in your calendar, and save the date. And if interested in serving, message me.

Pax, Julian. 

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Highlight: Commentator "Grumpy Beggar" on Fr. Z's Post for Burke's "Demotion" or Transfer to Malta

Hello Everyone.

I ask that in light of some of the other calamities abound in our Church, read my posts the recent SSPX bans in two dioceses in parts one and two, with my take on it (which is in essence, against Radical Traditionalism, and not necessarily in favour of the bishops' motivations themselves.)

No sooner does one crisis hit the fan for the Radical Traditionalists, than they get all in a tizzy over a new (yet not unknown) problem. It's official: Pontifical Latin Mass-saying (in full cappa magna and gloves) Cardinal Burke, is not holding any more key positions in the Curia and will be the Patron of the Order of the Knights of Malta. See here for Fr. Z's posting on the matter. Some other bishop is replacing him as the prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, though we do not know his track record. Fr Z at that link gives his most charitable assessment of the transfer as he can ... which doesn't say much.

What do I gotta say about it? The writing was on the wall, and it was just awaiting an official notice. Generally speaking to the Radical Catholic Reactionaries: yeah, one of your precious "Trad Heroes" (My Term! Get my permission before using it!), got booted due to 'big bad mean ol' liberal Francis' papacy'. Wah Wah Wah. Go cry me a river and stop creating lies about His Holiness.

Now, does it affect me at the ground level in the Archdiocese of Toronto with regard to carrying out the Latin Mass, or my spiritual salvation? No. Worldwide, it might give weaker-minded bishops a non-official "permission" as it will to hate on Trads and the Latin Mass more. I know that His Eminence, Cardinal Collins is not that kind of bishop! On the contrary, he's respectful to the Latin Mass, as long as the foolish Trads Behaving Badly and the laity don't screw things up!

More importantly, what we need is to have a proper perspective, thinking with the mind of the Church and in a spirit of benefit of the doubt. We need to keep hope alive! So allow me to share some excellent commentary from the comment box of the Fr. Z post above from a "Grumpy Beggar" who shows us how to take ++Burke's re-arrangement in stride:

Grumpy Beggar says:
8 November 2014 at 12:11 pm

C’mon guys , Father Z just did requiems.

” The language is at best confused, and I’m afraid that some of the Synod Fathers may not have reflected sufficiently on the implications of that, or maybe because the language is confused, didn’t understand completely what was being said.”

Would it help, even if we could find out the origin and particularly the identity of every single person who had a hand in formulating the actual text of the documents/reports – all of them : initial, interim and final ? Or, would we then just have an object that we could hate ?

“The language is at best confused,” indeed. And I would personally need to do an enormous amount of mental gymnastics before I could ever begin to believe that the wording – or at least critical parts of it, had not been engineered with the intention of rendering such results ; namely, confusion.

If , in fact , as Cardinal Burke suggests, ” some of the Synod Fathers may not have reflected sufficiently on the implications of that, or maybe because the language is confused. . . “ then who better to “un-confuse” them than a straight-shooter who clearly sees where the confusion lies (double entendre) ? Especially , a straight shooter who has just been unleashed.

Fr Z said:
“. . . now that Card. Burke is no longer the Prefect of a Dicastery, he is far freer to act and to speak than he was before.”

So, perhaps he is being positioned at this time so that in speaking more freely he may wake up the general comatose Catholic public, and more importantly some of those sleepy-head brothers of his . . . What a revolutionary idea: Re-evangelizing (some of) the Curia. Just think . . . Cardinal Burke just might be able to jump both Cardinal Kasper and his mentor-Hans Kung at their own game.

And we need to take solace – be reminded that Cardinal Pell , Cardinal Ouellette , and some others are also true sons of the Holy Catholic Church who don’t get fooled by any amount or style of sophistry.

It’s still premature IMO to hit the panic button . Didn’t our Lord say there would be “ravenous wolves” coming into the flock. And St. Peter forewarned us quite matter-of-factly in his second Letter :

” There were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will introduce destructive heresies and even deny the Master who ransomed them . . . ” [2 Peter 2:1]

. . . Anybody audaciously dim enough to believe that what Cardinal Burke has been doing recently is tantamount to denying the Master who ransomed him . . . ? Of course not – he’s defending the truth with clarity. That in itself , doesn’t really reflect so well on anyone who is condemning him , or who would wish to stifle him. Perhaps there is some plausibility in proposing that the Bishop of Rome feels he would have less use for Cardinal Burke in his plans ? Whatever the case, it’s evident to us that our Blessed Lord also has His plan(s) ; and didn’t He say, “My ways are not your ways” ? (I know, I know . . . some of us are thinking, “Well then maybe God could send that same sentiment to Pope Francis in the form of a registered letter.”)

It happened.

So , don’t worry – be grumpy ! And most of all, we mustn’t stop praying !

Think about it . . . look at all the umm, wonderful (oww – it hurt my fingers to type that word) things Cardinal Kasper has accomplished recently – and he’s officially retired . . . I think a good Cardinal – unleashed and armed with the truth might easily be able to dwarf those accomplishments with a few more of his own.

Let’s watch and see. . . Remember what happened when they put St. Peter in prison ? Remember what happened leading up to the event of his release ? .

“Peter thus was being kept in prison, but prayer by the church was fervently being made to God on his behalf.”
[Acts 12:5]

We need to see this as our call to prayer (persevering prayer) once the lament is over.

Doesn't sound so grumpy, no? I'd say this is a good perspective to listen to, unlike the sour sack diatribes of the angry Radical Catholic Reactionaries, a.k.a. Trads Behaving Badly. 

Pax, Julian. 

REPOST: Commentary on the Proclamations Against Banning of Laity from SSPX Worship Centers on the Internet Part 2: My Two Cents

The following is a repost due to text formatting problems between my e-mail and Blogger in creating posts.

My take on these matters

After all this, here is my take on the issue, based on my status within the Latin Mass in the archdiocese of Toronto, as well as a young adult male.

As to the canonical arguments, I say that the analysis and literal defense using canon law is logical. The consultation was proper and done correctly.

Practically speaking however, in respectful disagreement to these organizations, and any other allies of mine (or even, enemies,) I do not support the criticism outright. On the ACTION alone, not the motivations of the bishops accused, I am actually in favour of the bans of the faithful from the SSPX chapels for various reasons:

1) The message to the lay faithful that rebellion against OHCA Church is unacceptable for any reason: 
Plain and simple, the SSPX and their lay faithful are in NON-HOLY disobedience to Holy Mother Church, despite the use of a valid liturgy and following every "t"radiation with the EF liturgy and adhering to older catechisms such as Baltimore.

Such disobedience to Rome and disparaging of the Post-Vatican II popes is prideful disobedience a la Satan, "a non-Serviam," as it were. Most lay Catholics do not know of the spiritual dangers and possibility of schism that awaits them upon participating in their Pseudo-catholic life. It is essentially, Protestant (in what they do,) to quote a Latin mass priest one diocese over from us. If you are curious who, it is Fr. Paul Nicholson, though I do not support him because of associations with Radical Catholic Reactionaries (e.g. Michael Voris), despite the good and holy work he does as a priest. (Sorry, no links. search for him yourself.)

Let an analogy make more sense of what I am saying here: If I knew that there was a lake with sharks in the middle, and if I put myself in a boat on that lake, knowing the current will eventually drift me to that middle, to do so would be personally irresponsible of my life. If I was watching someone get into a boat on that same lake, knowing it would drift to the center of that lake where the sharks are, but that person did NOT know of the sharks, and there is no lifeguard already, it would be my responsibility to ensure the safety of that person and warn him, "Hey don't get in that boat! there's sharks in that lake and the currents are too strong and will draw you to where they are!" To not do so or to absolutely not care about that person would cost him his life, and I would sin by omission of not letting that person know of the sharks.

The same goes for one's spiritual salvation, and our true ``life,`` the soul. Why, for our bishops to slack off and NOT stop laypeople from drifting into those shark infested waters is gravely irresponsible and a millstone around the weakly catechized laity.

Banning the SSPX attendance to me is a valid action on its own, in that it will prevent laity from being suckered into spiritual death, foolishly hypnotized by the physical trappings of a "c" atholic life, while sinking further and further into schismatic actions, after being brainwashed by the leaders of the SSPX, and other like-minded drones of the Society who have ``drank the kool-aid`` as it were.

2) Because there are ever more increasing options for Latin Masses worldwide, making the argument that they provide what the Church is lacking, null. 
Alright, now before you turn your plowshares into implements of violence to be aimed at me, I get that not every diocese in the world has a Latin Mass, or bishops that at least look the other way when a Latin Mass is put on. However, offerings are gradually increasing of all levels of the Mass, even pontifical. Look around the traditionalist sites on the Internet, especially with this month's solemnities of All Saints/All Souls. While there needs to be an increase of more offerings in good geographical distance to the faithful, especially daily at accessible times (e.g. the evening), you CANNOT say under the Franciscan pontificate that he is killing the Latin Mass.

If that were so, he would have issued a motu proprio that would reverse Summorum Pontificum, or stacked the PCED with Liberals if he was so inclined. So while pre-Summorum Pontificum, the SSPX were the ones selling the "product" before, (the Mass of course is NOT a consumer product! But I am using a cruel business analogy to convey my idea,) the SSPX now have little to no credence to their "emergency situation" of the Catholic Faith in the liturgy anymore.

You might be inclined to argue, "well, there isn't a diocesan Latin Mass near me save a 2 hour drive. SSPX is 20 min away from me, so your a jerk Julian!" Well Trad Behaving Badly,when it comes to that argument, sorry to be blunt, but YOU ARE WRONG. You are to fulfill your obligation, whenever, wherever you can, at a Catholic Church in communion with Rome, in a valid and licit liturgical rite. If it is the choice between Fr. Liberal weenie's, fluffy bunny, Novus Ordo, a Methodist Church, and a SSPX chapel, you suffer through the banal liturgy of Fr. Liberal's Church  and offer it up to Christ. As long as major violations aren't made, and the basic conditions are met, it's a liturgy to fulfill your obligation. Also, St. Louis Jesuit tunes and a priest with "showman" like qualities in his character and preaching, are NOT valid and licit reasons to attend the SSPX liturgies.

Only in the most extreme scenario, such as this would it be acceptable to attend the SSPX for Sunday obligation: A vacation for a work-related conference in Las Vegas, and you are stuck at the cheap desert strip motel, you can't travel by car and are forced to use public transit. The next, nearest, Catholic church is 1.5 hours away by car, and it's either: the United Church, the Evangelical mega-Church, or the SSPX church. Then fine, you can go to the SSPX chapel ONLY to fulfill your obligation, NOT to consume its Eucharist (unless you are truthfully ignorant of their full situation) and participate in the livelihood of the Society. Do you get it? Extreme scenario here! This is NOT the norm for many of the Catholic faithful worldwide!!!

3) This shows that the Radical Traditionalist way, is an extreme barrier to the success of the Church's mission to evangelize, and that we must be Glad Trads in order to further the spread of the Latin Mass: 
How can I put this? Most prelates are anywhere from OK to gung ho about it. They cannot outright ban it, and realize that to do so would show outrage and reveal their true colours, resulting in a bureaucratic and public relations nightmare for the Church in the age of the Internet at the hands of the conservatives and Radical Traditionalist Catholics. However, even among more "neutral" to pro-Latin Mass clergy and bishops, one can generally agree and/or infer from even Internet coverage, they want nothing to do with the radical traditionalists who take every chance to be "chicken littles" spouting calumnies, detractions, and slanderous things in person and on-line. This includes the clergy and those in the episcopacy in the Archdiocese of Toronto, all the way up to the Vatican itself
under Pope Francis.

If there is one recurring theme in Pope Francis' homilies or fervorinos from the daily Masses it is that being a religious Pharisee is unacceptable in the Church and stifles the proclamation of the Good News. Further, I can personally attest to this, these radical traditionalists and attendees of hardened hearts, do NOTHING GOOD for promoting the Latin Mass, and only drive these prelates further to stifle it in any way possible. They might appear pious at face value, but their actions in person and their writings only garner negative attention, and paint a broad brushstroke over Traditional Catholics and Latin Mass goers as vile people.

The truth is far from it! However these self-appointed "high priests" of the movement don't care what happens to other Latin Mass goers! They continue to disparage even good Traditionalists and clergy, all for some self-imposed militant agenda. Was it not in the 2nd Letter to James that St. Paul quoted, "Faith without works is dead?" and elsewhere in the Bible, that "by their fruits you shall know them?"

So to me, should the bishops` motivations be deceitful, they should be chastized and penalized for abusing their magisterial authority in the church to cause further division. If not they have done a great service in in protecting the lay faithful. At least, it tells the general uneducated populace that "Hey! These guys are spiritual bad news! They aren't the good Trads! Stay away from them and go seek out the right Trads who are carrying the Good News of the Lord to fruition." Let us pray it`s not the former for their motivations.

If this is with good intention, then this is exactly what I want to see in my Church of mercy! I want to see prelates and laity telling these fake/hypocriticial/slanderous/pharisical, etc. Trads that your actions are contrary to the Gospel and that the Latin Mass is NOT a political football to be lobbied at both true, and perceived/false heretics, as a nuclear bomb! 

Further, as a young person, I HATE, I repeat, I HATE bullying, harassment, and disparaging attitudes and comments, from those who are, or think, they are superior to us. My generation will NOT tolerate such garbage and are not afraid to vocalize our displeasure. Some of those disgusting comments are, for example, to women, that they should not wear pants, or that they are taking away jobs in the Church from men. Online, constant accusations of heresy, sinfulness of other people up to the Holy Father, shows us that you are disgusted to be in the Church, and then why should we give you any respect or authority in return, when you lack any ability to be humble and in servitude to others?

For those of weak faith, they WILL NEVER COME OVER when you show such false example of the Catholic Faith. For those of us involved in the Latin Mass or of strong faith, I will protect my good and noble young brethen,and purposely NOT send them to your Latin Masses, or communities I know poisoned by Radical Catholic Reactionaries or sourpuss parishioners!

If you are like that with the Latin Mass, we will never come. New converts to the Latin Mass .... 0!  Good noble Catholics or the unconverted remaining where they are .... millions and counting.

Therefore, the way and the example we need to give is inherent in these actions. We must avoid acting like the disobedient SSPX and their supporters who consider them "good friends." Crediting the SSPX with keeping the Latin Mass alive, and knowing they are Catholics on paper, (though are considered Christian brethen like other non-canonical or non-communion Christians) is as much credit we should give them until the Vatican says other-wise. But go no further unlike the poor example of their R.C.R. ``friends.``

Rather ... we should act Gladly! Joyfully! In union in mind, body, and soul with the Magisterium and the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic, Roman Catholic Church! If that means not supporting Radical Traditionalist blogs, Latin Mass organizations with noted and/or known, spiritually dark influences, and going and supporting Glad Trad ones, so be it!It is better that these actions are done, than to stick one's head in the sand with the radicals, or not support the Latin Mass at all.


And thus ends my lengthy but needed opinion on these bans. I do like the ultimate inner message that these bans send to the average lay faithful, in protection of their souls. However, should it be true that the bishops did it in spite and not solely to protect the faithful, then they have committed errors of judgement in their part, and abused their authority, without checking the existing Church laws.

Still, I support the deeper message behind it, that it once again signals where we as a Church MUST take, and deal with, the Latin Mass, in order for it to be a fruitful part of the New Evangelization, and not a divider that splits the temple in two, wielded not by those whom are thinking with the mind of the Church. It all depends on how we approach it, and that we do not allow the sins of the Devil to take over us and corrupt the beautiful treasure, "re-furbished" to us by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

Keep on being Glad Trads everyone and fighting in the right ways for the Latin Mass!

Pax Tibi Christi, Julian Barkin.


REPOST: Commentary on the Proclamations Against Banning of Laity from SSPX Worship Centers on the Internet Part 1: Background

The following is a repost due to text formatting problems between my e-mail and Blogger in creating posts.

Hello everyone,

A lot of poison and bile is being passed around the blogosphere as of late, using good and holy bishops' words and statements to advance Radical Catholic Reactionaries' (a.k.a trads behaving badly/mad trads: rad trads ...) causes. While I've remained hesitant to pounce on these issues, One with regards to the Latin Mass and those non-canonical rebels, the SSPX, has come up. This I feel, is a necessary issue to comment on, in order to demonstrate the viewpoint of a young adult layman involved in the Latin mass, who disapproves of Radical Traditionalism that stains the movement and the Holy Tridentine Mass with the foul stench of moneylenders and Pharisees. In addition, this does concern my archdiocese as there is a known SSPX chapel in Toronto quite close to where I live in the west end of the city, so they ARE a concern in my archdiocese.

SSPX: who are they?

For those who are new, please refer to this Wikipedia article for basic historical information. As to their status in the church, one could consider them "personae non gratae", as they are Catholics in literal, liturgical practice with their usage solely of the Tridentine/1962 liturgy (EF). However, they are not canonically approved in the Church, and have no ministry in the Church as per Benedict XVI 2009: 

"....The fact that the Society of Saint Pius X does not possess a canonical status in the Church is not, in the end, based on disciplinary but on doctrinal reasons. As long as the Society does not have a canonical status in the Church, its ministers do not exercise legitimate ministries in the Church ...."

Depending which (biased) critic or theologian you read, their Masses are valid, but illicit/illegal and they might have the ability to consecrate the Eucharist. Personally, I go with Benedict XVI and say that NO, they don't have sacramental ministry on this matter. And if I am wrong, every consecration of the Eucharist is in disobedience to Holy Mother Church and again her laws, hence the term, illicit, which also means illegal. As lay people, it would be highly imprudent to consume this Eucharist, giving support to their separation from Christ and his Church. You cannot have the Church without Rome.

Further, they smacked away the hand of Benedict XVI when he offered them canonical reconciliation in a doctrinal preamble, although it's contents are not open to the public. Regardless, they still hold that the Novus Ordo Mass is intrinsically evil (said during part of their leader, "bishop" Fellay's notorious New Hamburg speech here on YouTube(tm) (while the words individual adherents use might vary, the sentiment is still there in some way or form,) and have called Pope Francis a modernist. On the Popes since Vatican II, while they might not be so vocal publicly, there is a possible indication that they express sede-vacantism in these remarks.

They also are against the council of Vatican II and do not acknowledge it's validity. Some say that they or their founder, Archbishop Marcel Lefevbre, acknowledge(d) 95% of Vatican II, but still, rejection of ecumenical councils are an all/nothing issue. Further, rejection of one council, calls into question ALL councils, and is part of a slippery slope to rejection of Holy Mother Church. Until the Magisterium specifically defines what is not doctrinal and is from the Vatican II Council (perhaps in a syllabus of errors II,) it is schismatic in action to reject an ecumenical council outright (which differs from disapproving the pastoral parts), even if it's that 5%.

The Recent Kerfuffle

In Italy, Bishop Marcello Semeraro of Albano, and in Argentina on a peripheral diocese, Bishop Óscar Sarlinga of Zárate-Campana have essentially banned the faithful from going to SSPX worship centers under de facto penalty of excommunication from the Church. See here for the Italian with a hat tip to Fr. Z, and here for the Argentinian Bishop's communication (despite that I detest linking to Rorate Caeli, they have the full communication in Spanish from the letterhead.

Whereas in past these canonical penalties only extended to the organization/"priests", now according to those bishops within their diocese, in essence, all those who partake in services with the SSPX including laity are bound under this pain.

The Replies

Two major laity-organizations have spoken out against these actions, the Latin Mass Society of UK and Wales, and the Worldwide Una Voce Federation. The LMS has spoken out here and given their canonical analysis, and in similar argument in a posting on November 5, 2014, so has the FIUV/Una Voce International. Read both links for their argumentation, but my take home points are that it is essentially a case by case basis for each member of the laity, and that you cannot uphold someone until they are 16 years old to such grievous penalty of excommunication.

Something Smells Fishy??? ... On both sides???

It is possible that the bias of both sides of this argument makes this situation not that plausible in some senses. On the Pro-Latin mass sides, numerous blogs including those of the Pharisaical, Radical Catholic Reactionaries, are posting about this. Very few if any orthodox/conservative catholic blogs see this as a concern to blog about. Therefore the coverage is biased. In addition, the head of the LMS is Dr. Joseph Shaw, who is a regular poster on Rorate Caeli, a venomous and disparaging blog that fellow SCCB blogger Spike is best has correctly outed in past as:

"... the schismatic-but-without-the-guts-of-declaring-it blog that on the very heels - within minutes in fact - of the public declaration of the election of Pope Francis posted "The Horror" as their reaction, and did not offer any sort of apology stating their filial obedience to the Holy Pontiff. Thus, everything they post, write, disseminate, can be dismissed out of hand without second thought whatsoever, in the full comfortable knowledge that the neo-orthodoxy which they present is entirely floated."

So needless to say, the reliability of the pro-Latin Mass side is not as good as can be. There are obvious biases here. However the two bishops, according to that poison known as Rorate Caeli, are connected highly to Pope Francis in some way according to Dr. Shaw:


Bishop Marcello Semeraro of Albano, Italy, ... 


Bishop Semeraro is coincidentally the Secretary to the Council of Cardinals set up to advise the Pope. Albano is the location of the Italian headquarters of the SSPX ....

Check the links out yourself. Again I am not giving Rorate Caeli blog hits if I can avoid it.

So while I don't like to acknowledge RCR crazy conspiracy theories, it gives the appearance that the "word on the street" is "Francis hates traditionalism," or his competence in governing bishops like these isn't as strong, or is he OK-ing this kind of banning, possibly without consultation from canonists, PCED, or the CDF. Then again, there will always be bishops who abuse their power, no different than any other king in history or ruler of nations.

Please check the next post for my commentary on these bans ... Part II. Comments are off and this post is "red flag" if you try to harass me via my e-mail. 

Saturday, 1 November 2014

New Monthy Latin Mass Offering! Pickering, Ontario at St. Issac Jogues Catholic Church, 1st Saturdays

Hello Everyone,

Looks like the Latin Mass is growing just a wee bit in the Archdiocese of Toronto. While Pickering is farther out in the East end of the Archdiocese, just past Scarborough, it is still included in its boundaries.

I had heard from a friend or an acquaintance in the Latin Mass circles, that the Pastor of the parish, Fr. Paul Dobson, who had in past helped out the St. Patrick's Gregorian Choir, was doing a monthly Latin Mass at this parish. Well, if this has been going on sometime, I do apologize for the long delay, but only now I have been able to confirm through their parish bulletin it is TRUE!

So allow me to add to my Latin Mass offering page, and to announce to all of you, that a new MONTHLY Latin Mass offering has been added to our Archdiocese:

NEW!!! St. Issac Jogues Catholic Church (1148 Finch Avenue, Pickering (Toronto), Ontario)

    • Website: 
    • Contact Information: 
      • Phone: 905-831-3353
      • Email:
    • Offerings:
      • Every First Saturday of the Month @ 11am
Hopefully, those of you with a car, or who live out the far east end of our Archdiocese, will attend this latest offering. Just please, be a bunch of Glad Trads when you go, and do support the Parish and it's pastorship. They recently in the last year renovated the sanctuary to have a lovely stone "reredos" behind the altar, and have other thriving ministries such as their EDGE/LifeTeen ministries active in their parish. I also believe, that they have acquired one of last year's ordinandi, a Fr. Michael Simoes to their clergy there. 

Regardless, I do hope that this will help promote the success of their TLM offering. Remember laity, the Latin Mass cannot progress in our Church without YOU! Your time, your funding, and your charity and positivity, is what makes it happen. Do give generously when you do arrive there and support their Latin Mass (and others in the Archdiocese of Toronto, and worldwide).

Pax, Julian. 

P.S. You do know that also, there is a devotion to the First Saturdays involving the Rosary as well as the Mass? You can knock off two birds with one stone as they say, with this Latin Mass! 

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Server Haul October 2014!

Hello Everyone,

No sooner have I reported on my last Latin Mass I was serving in, with St. Patrick's Gregorian Choir, than I have another fine post to share with you: My latest EF altar server haul! And this one is making me sing with choruses of angels on high!

First, a present from my lovely wife-to-be. She knows of my admiration and love of the Latin Mass, and loves me so much, she purchased a special liturgical item for me for my birthday ... A LACY OR PATTERNED SURPLICE! This lovely lace surplice was ordered from DiCarlo religious accessories and goods, which operates out of the west end of Ontario, with its primary store in Mississauga. You could say that they get a lot of business from the Archdiocese of Toronto.

The Surplice was Beau Viste brand, like my regular surplice. Also pictured here is the contact information for DiCarlo, in case you want a purchase for yourself or maybe are thinking of a gift for clergy. 

Here is my surplice laid out flat. Notice that the hem, and the sleeves, are all laced up. 

Here's a close up of the surplice's lace portions. This is excellent, and contains little flowers and even crosses, with the JHS signs in the center of each oval. 

But wait ... there's more. Quite more. See, some of the difficulty of doing the Latin Mass is gaining access to the Missale Romanum 1962. If your local seminary or "catholic" college doesn't have a copy you can borrow IF they didn't burn it or throw it in the garbage way back when, (which of course, pends on you having access .... that's a no for ordinary laity), or the Latin Mass church nearby only has one copy in the sacristy, and cannot lend it out to you for Mass that day ... or your priest doesn't have his own copy, then what does one do? 

Well you buy one of course! They aren't cheap though, ranging likely anywhere from ~$150 to ~$475 post taxes an shipping. Still, beautiful, high quality reprints of the 1962 missal are being printed by a select number of companies. I could have bought one straight from the FSSP, or Canons of St. John Regular (because I do not want to support the non-Canonical SSPX,) but in an odd stroke of luck I was searching on Ebay ... and found a really interesting gem .... 

BOOYA! Really I couldn't believe it! For $200 CDN after all was said and done, This is an: "... exclusive stunning official Vatican edition of the Roman Missal, the liturgical book entirely in Latin, 1096 pages, with the words “Missale Romanum - Editio Typica 1962” embossed in gold lettering on the cover. Excellent condition, new, never used, as approved by Pope John XXIII in 1962 and allowed by Pope Benedict XVI for wider use. It contains all the texts, rubrics and chants for the celebration of the Holy Mass in the Roman Rite, for example the preparation of the celebrating priest, the procession of the priest to the altar, the mass, the blessing at the end of mass and gospel, the vesting prayers of the celebrant, the rite of blessing and sprinkling Holy Water on Sundays, the calendar. Hardcover, 6.7x9.5 inches size, 17x24 cm. A rare, elegant and unique book ... limited edition accurately reproduced, high quality black and red text, available only to Vatican, reprinted in 2007 by “Tipografia Vaticana” (the Vatican Press) from the original edition. Enclosed an elegant Vatican bookmark." Considering brand new that a Benzinger Brothers reprint was anywhere from $395 USD to over $400 USD on the EF printing house sites, this was an awesome steal! ....

with some minor exceptions .... the introduction, reference pages in the back, and a couple of other things are all in Italian. But I won't be reading those parts anytime soon. The rest of the Missal with the rubrics and the necessary Mass parts in Latin are what it's for! Best of all, this came straight from the motherland, the Vatican!!!!

Yep, those are beautiful Vatican stamps. There's even one of the Holy Father on there. The right picture shows the close up of a seal stamp that goes on the package to indicate it's from the Vatican Post Office. Now as for the Missal itself ....

Here is just an example of how the writings and interior look like. On major feast days/solemnities, this 1/2 page artwork is present. The beginning of the readings of the liturgy, as well as each reading/proper, has either a major or a minor drop cap letter to start it off. What else the missal contains is in the description above. 

Here, is "THE PAGE", the one that is the major prominent image page in every EF missal, that of the crucifixion of our Lord, Jesus Christ, at the beginning of the Mass of the Canons (Liturgy of the Eucharist). Gotta say I kind of love the tones and colours of the picture: Red, black, and grey. Appropriate colours for blood, death, and really brings forth the moment where Christ died for our salvation. If this is a replication of a major work of art, do let me know whom and when it was made.

Well there you have it. Two fine pieces to the serving haul. This will likely be it for a long while, as I think by now I've shelled out quite a bit for EF serving and liturgy needs. Regardless ... I am so elated and filled with glee at having these pieces. They will definitely be put to good, and even more specific uses in future. Hope you enjoyed this as much as I have!

Pax Tibi Christi, Julian Barkin.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Success! Report for Christ the King 2014 Mass with St. Patrick's Gregorian Choir

Hello Everyone,

Summorum Pontificum is continuing onward, regardless of those within and outside the Church, who dare to see that Her Tradition, and `t`raditions, are discarded. The Devil roams about like a bloodthirsty lion, wishing to sow dischord, deadly sins such as acecia, and many other sins in this unstable time, even among those in the Church who are practicing Catholics or even Latin Mass Traditionalists. Many of us who are wired to our computers and smart phones, got to see this infighting (particularly on ``C``atholic blogs) during the recent 2014 Extraordinary Synod of Marriage and the Family.

Did I forget to add that the Devil REALLY, HATES, the Latin Mass for its order and truth. and will use whatever or whomever he can to stop it, if the Latin Mass cannot be abused to his will in any manner? However, he, nor any machination of his, can stand up to the Mighty King that is our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, whose ultimate sacrifice redeemed us all and defeated him on the Cross.

Yesterday, October 26, 2014, was another example that our Lord and Sovereign King, Jesus Christ, prevailed once again, through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the Extraordinary Form, with the assistance of the St. Patrick`s Gregorian Choir.

And must I say that the fruition of this Mass was indeed, extraordinary, occurring against all odds. Allow me to explain how our Holy Sovereign gave His mercy and his royal blessing today, by giving a little snippet as to what made this possible. The Latin Masses take much skill and effort to do, with undo pressure, and don't just appear out of thin air. While others might not like these sort of details to be revealed on the Internet, perhaps you readers, by seeing this, will see what it takes, and that it is many hands, much time, even money, and prayer, that allows these beautiful and Holy liturgies to exist in our current Church today.

Despite the loss of our initial site and celebrant due to circumstances beyond the control of SPGC, and of no fault to the choir, we were forced to scout both a neutral, "Glad Trad" priest, and an alternative parish to hold the Latin Mass. With a request from the choirmaster, I assisted alongside my fellow altar servers, with a number of phone calls, in not only finding a parish to hold the Mass, but the chaplain of my Knights of Columbus council (of which I was recently ``knighted`` in the first degree Oct 6th,) agreed to do our Latin Mass.

Numerous questions came up as the process went on ... is there a Missal available? (Thankfully, the priest has his own 1962,), will there be an Asperges? (Yes, and thus, did the parish have the aspergillum + aspensorum, which they did)? What is the parish stocked with? Are we doing the Leonine prayers at the end (YES!), can you assist the priest for transportation? ... and so forth. Thankfully the choir has amassed a number of items such as the altar candles, an altar stand, etc. However such items to buy outright, are not cheap, e.g. new altar candlesticks from say, DiCarlo, would be anywhere from lowest, close to $400-500 EACH, to much higher, the fancier the set you want. Antiquated ones can cost much more if you do not want to try your luck on internet bidding. So between candles, fasteners for them, altar settings, vestment sets ... you cost to hold these Extraordinary Form liturgies will be heavy, though the items would be permanent to keep in the long run.

After many calls and questions answered, a Friday night altar practice, quickly rearranged choir practice repertoires now that the Mass was happening, and even a transportation issue for our good Holy priest of Christ .... The 2014 Mass of Christ the King was back on at the Catholic Church of St. Pius X, in the Archdiocese of Toronto at 330pm this fine day that has past.

Yes, aside from our collective efforts, one could say that the Lord was willing to allow us in His Holy Graces and Mercy, to have this Mass. Even when it looked liked the Devil had thrown many roadblocks and stresses on top of our work and social lives (and in my case, marital preparations), we pulled off a beautiful, solemn, and reverent Sung Latin Low Mass, with three *servers, and the majestic and heavenly tones of the St. Patrick`s Gregorian Choir.

What points, could be gleamed from today's Mass, particularly, the homily? One of the attendees who frequents the St. Patrick's Latin Masses had this to say:
- Fr. Burns talked about being a Canadian citizen, but that we are citizens of the Kingdom of God by virtue of our Baptism. 
- Having celebrated the Novus Ordo the prior week (and likely, most people present there had gone to the Novus Ordo the prior weekend,) he also related today's Gospel readings with last week's Gospel readings..."render unto Caesar what is Caesars and render unto God what is Gods." [ed. note: I personally see here a little hidden nugget of the forms mutually enriching each other, as Pope Benedict wished when releasing Summorum Pontificum]
- Fr. Burns said that the Kingdom or Reign of God does not really work like a modern democracy where citizens vote to choose their elected officials. Since monarchs inherit their power and authority from their bloodline/parents and not by vote, Jesus Christ as King gets his power and authority from God, his Father. 
- He also discussed the topic of inheritance within the context of the Kingdom of God.

If there was any point to me where our Holy King had triumphed (and we were a part of this victory,) and the success and truth of this Holy Low Mass was evident, it was when our Holy priest dismissed us at the ite missa est. The power, strength, beauty, and tone of his voice was that of a perfect reflection of our King, regal and royal. For all priests of valid and licit ordination are alter Christi, ``other Christs.``How fitting then, nourished by the Eucharist consecrated in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, was our Priest, like Christ, our King, giving us soldiers of the Church Militant our orders to go out into the depths and peripheries of the world to proclaim the Gospel. No sooner had our Alter Christi given us this dismissal, than the sacred tones of the SPGC choir resonated in reply with Deo Gratias in a symphony of similar reverence, beauty, and thankfulness.

If there is anyone to thank in all this though, first and foremost is Our Lord Jesus Christ, High Priest and Sovereign King, whose eternal dominion we acknowledge and pray on in the EF, and will be done in the OF in a month`s time.

Secondly, we thank both the pastor of St. Pius X, Fr. Min-Kyu Park, who graciously and in a short time frame, allowed us to use the church for the Holy Mass, and our celebrant, Fr. Leo Burns, C.S.B. Fr. Burns is a Basilian priest who was ordained in the EF in 1964, just before the storm of the liturgical, philisophical, and theological changes that changed much of the Church`s operations in today`s world.

Without these two holy priests, we would have had no Mass today. Christ was here through his ``others.`` It is priests like these, older and younger, who will help carry out the New Evangelization and the ``reform of the reform`` that Benedict XVI hoped to achieve.

As per usual, I have a few photos to share with you of our event. The first are, as normal with my reports, pictures of our altar fully set up for the Mass (taken prior to, NOT DURING, the Mass). The last two are of our basic translational document we provided for the Mass, containing the liturgy`s propers and the major readings in Latin and English, and even some music in chant notation for the Allelulia.

The altar set up for Low Mass

Inside our Mini-booklet

Front and Back page of our mini-booklet

To end this report, it is only fitting that I post the post-communion translated in English from my 1962 Baronius Press missal, for after we were fed his Holy Eucharist:

``We have received the food of immortality and beg, Lord, that we who are proud to fight under the banner of Christ our King,may reign with Him for ever in His realm above.``

I, Julian of Servimus Unum Deum, alongside my serving allies, and with the St. Patrick`s Gregorian choir, will continue to fight under his banner. Christ wants the salvation of all souls under his kingship and to join him in Heaven. We will continue our King`s mission, to do our best to help in His cause, through the provision of the Holy Sacrifice in the Mass in the Extraordinary Form in the Archdiocese of Toronto.  


 I have done this before, at St. Lawrence the Martyr for either a Requiem Mass or Christmas 2012. While excessive amounts of servers are not appropriate, I do not know of any rubric or outdated liturgical law that says 3 servers at a Low Mass is unacceptable, or violates the licitness or validity of the Holy Mass. Do your research before you contest this fact and have a Fr. Z speckled-filled nutty and the combox filter is on with my blog rules intact.

[minor edits made 27/10/2014].

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Final Reminder: Christ the King Mass with St. Patrick's Gregorian Choir, @ St. Pius X Catholic Church, Toronto ON

Sunday, October 26, 2014 - Feast of Christ the King

St. Patrick's Gregorian Choir (CONFIRMED as of the eve of Oct 22, 2014)

  • When: This Sunday, October 26, 2014
  • Location? St, Pius X Catholic Church 
  • Address?  2305 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON  
  • TTC Accessible? YES! Near Runnymede Station, go west along Bloor.  
  • Start time? 330pm EST
  • Organizer: St. Patrick's Gregorian Choir under Surinder S. Mundra
  • Primary Contact/Inquiries: 416 731 4485.  
  • Parish Websites:
  • Facebook event page:  Not Applicable